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Landscape Lighting

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Elevate your outdoor space with custom landscape lighting!

Outdoor lighting not only adds a measure of safety and security to your home, outdoor lighting enhances the curb appeal by accenting architectural highlights and illuminating textures and details you may not notice during the day!

There are limitless ways to do your exterior lighting – the most important is that it enhances your landscape design and functions to meet your goals!

Fixture and Lamp Options

Incorporating outdoor lighting into your landscape plan can enhance the overall aesthetic and be very functional by providing safety and security. We recommend Alliance Lighting for our outdoor lighting projects for their many options. 

Visit Alliance Outdoor Lighting to see the huge selection of fixture and LED lamp options.

Design Inspiration and outdoor lighting examples

View our Outdoor Living Portfolio for more Outdoor Lighting design inspiration.


Do you have different color bulbs?

Alliance Lighting offers Bluetooth technology that allows you to change colors, color temperature, dim lights, and create custom looks – all from your phone!

Can I use a timer?

Yes, transformers have a built-in photocell so the lights automatically come on at sunset and turn off at sunrise. You can also set a timer for specific times you wish for the lights to go on and off.

Can I change the bulbs myself?

For simple bulb replacements, yes. Just ensure you have the right type and wattage for your fixtures.

Our outdoor living experts can create your dream outdoor living space.
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