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Plants, Mulch, Trees, and Rock Installation in Omaha, NE

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Your One-stop softscaping shop

Get spring-ready with fresh mulch, rocks, soil, and plants

The Neher Enterprises team offers new and fresh installations of mulch, plants, rocks, soil, and plants to bring your exterior to life. We serve customers and businesses in and around the Omaha Metro.

We can help you determine your softscaping needs, depending on your location and preferences. Get custom plans that include decorative rock, fresh mulch, and plants that transform your outdoor space.

Mulch Installation

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Annual or Seasonal Install

We install mulch at your request! Choose an annual or seasonal mulch installation.

Refresh or Install New

We can handle all of your landscaping and softscaping needs, including new mulch installation or refreshing existing mulch beds.

Color Options

Mulch comes in a vareity of colors-black, coffee brown, chocolate brown, natural, red colors-to enhance the look of your exteriors.

black mulch
Coffee Mulch
Chocolate Mulch
Natural Mulch
Red Mulch

Rock Installation

Let us design a new softscape for your exterior
or refresh your existing rock
rock border around backyard

Why Choose Rock?

Rock and gravel may be more expensive than mulch, but they last longer and do not need replaced as often. They also retain more heat. 

Uses for Rocks

Various types and sizes of rocks are used to create pathways, in garden beds, driveways and more.

Types of Rocks

Options include but are not limited to river rock, black obsidian, crushed granite, fire glow granite, limestone, pea gravel, red or black lava rock, Smokey mountain, South Dakota pink, glacier lake rock.

Popular types of landscaping rocks

1”-2” is the most common size for landscaping rocks. But we many rock sizes, including 2”-4” and 3”-6”.

River rock
Skipper Stones
River rock
Limestone Gravel
River rock
River rock
River rock

Soil and Plant Softscaping

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Variety and Preferences

Plants are available in a variety of colors, shapes, textures, and sizes. Think about the living, growing elements you want in your landscape and any preferences you have for flowers, trees, shrubs, etc.


Softscapes are constantly changing, from growth, the passing of seasons, and the climate you live in. Consider plants and elements that you’ll enjoy throughout the year.

Create a relaxing, paradise-like atmosphere with
softscaping services from Neher Enterprises

Balancing Hardscape and Softscape

A combination of both hardscaping and softscaping elements is ideal. Too much focus on hardscaping, like a large paved driveway, walls, and other stone features, can be hard on the eye. On the other hand, a yard that is overflowing with trees, shrubs and flowers can look out of control. These spaces can benefit from a walkway or retaining wall to offer structure and variety. Extend your outdoor living space with  balanced and beautiful grounds.

See our portfolio for more examples of our projects.


How do I decide between rock or mulch for my project?

This depends on your budget, needs, and location. Mulch is more budget-friendly, but requests more refreshing. Rock is typically more of an investment, but tends to last longer. Our team is happy to help you determine what works best for your space.

Do you provide free estimates?

Yes. We will share a free estimate for your project. Contact our team to discuss your softscaping needs today.

When should I start my project?

Softscaping projects can start almost any time of the year! We recommend booking your project as early as possible. Request a consultation for mulch installation or a custom softscape design.

Let us transform your outdoor space into something you love!

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