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 Swimming Pools

Start-to-finish Pool Installation in Omaha, NE and surrounding areas

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Get Your Yard Summer-Ready

Efficient, durable ICF swimming pools

Neher Enterprises is ready to design and install the ICF swimming pool of your dreams. Let us create a backyard oasis for you to enjoy this summer!

Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) pools are known for being energy-efficient, quicker to install, and very durable. ICF pools are incredible strong and stabile, thanks to the nature of their monolithic structure. This means lowers the risk of cracks and leaks over time.

Their insulated concrete walls keep your pool 60% warmer, meaning a longer swimming season and more money in your pocket.

Why choose an ICF Pool from Neher?

Endless Design Options

Enjoy maximum design flexibility with ICF pool construction. Adapt to complex landscape challenges and choose the look that brings your space to life.

Energy Efficient

Two-sided ICF walls are celebrated for their remarkable insulation capabilities, reducing heat loss by an impressive 80%, ensuring energy-efficient construction.

Unmatched durability

The combination of steel, concrete, and EPS foam help protect against severe disasters and resist rot, decay, and weakening over time.

Environmentally Friendly

ICF construction utilizes sustainable materials, energy efficient methods, and reduced waste to support a healthier planet.

save more money

Energy efficiency, lower maintenance expenses, and long-lasting durability is a cost-effective choice that benefits homeowners over time

Long-Lasting Structure

ICF pool structures lasat for generations. Save resources, time, and money by skipping frequent repairs or replacements.  Exceptional durability is lasting value.

swimming pool with paver stone patio

ICF Pool Materials

Learn more about the materials and details
that make ICF pools superior

ICF swimming pools come in radius forms making them easy to modify into any shape. Finishes, waterproofing, skimmers, electrical, plumbing, and other typical pool components are easily integrated into ICF pools. Diving boards, swim-in-place, and other specialty water features can be added in.

A combination of steel reinforced concrete and EPS foam make up the pool’s structure. This creates a strong pool wall built to out-perform other construction materials and methods. Finally, ICF pools are topped with a pool plaster for a durable, long-lasting finish.

swimming pool with paver stone patio
ICF pools are built to perform by saving you money and
lasting longer than other types of construction.

Full pool installation

Installed Start to Finish, Ready to Swim

The Neher Enterprises team will take care of your ICF swimming pool project from start to finish. We offer full pool installations starting at $105,000 for a 40′ x 20′.

We include every detail-big and small-from pumps and filters to diving boards and covers. Neher will take care of heating, plumbing, covers, concrete or patio, electrical, and fill up pool.

Concrete patios and impressive outdoor spaces are our speciality. Start the process now so you’re ready to swim this summer!

See our portfolio for more examples of our projects.


Can I pick the shape and size of my pool?

Yes, our team will determine how much space you have. We will recommend potential pool shapes, dimensions, and materials for you to consider.

Do you provide free estimates?

Yes. We will share a free estimate for your project. We also offer 2- and 3D renderings for swimming pool projects. Swimming pool investments start at $105,000.

When is the best time of year to start my swimming pool project?

Landscaping projects can start almost any time of the year! We recommend starting your project as early as possible. Book a consultation so we can get you on the schedule and ready to swim this summer!

Let us transform your outdoor space into something you love!
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